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Center Aesthetic & Dermatology is proud to announce Dr. Cheryl Karcher, a board certified dermatologist. She is globally recognized as an expert in aesthetic medicine and has been practicing dermatology for more than two decades. Her extensive educational background includes medical and advanced training in dermatology from New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center and New York University Medical Center. In addition to her medical degrees, Dr. Karcher holds a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Florida and was trained in Human Metabolism as a fellow at Rockefeller University.

She joins Nurse Lynn Wojton and Aestheticians, Jane MacKinnon and Rebecca Weston, providing a wide range of aesthetic and medical services including Laser Lipolysis, Medical Dermatology, Laser Resurfacing, Hair Loss and Injectables, all conveniently located in our Union Square location.

We look forward to having you at the Center as we continue our mission to bring you natural, beautiful, and effective aesthetic treatments here in New York City.

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