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Why Our Entire Staff Got Vaccinated

We're proud to share that our entire team is vaccinated here at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology. Our Medical Providers, our Patient Care Team, our Management Team, and even our Custodial and Part-time teammates committed to this accomplishment.

Mar 11th, 2021
Unpacking Fillers & The Moderna Vaccine Concerns

Is it safe to get the Moderna Vaccine if you have filler? Let us give you the scoop on managing your expectations regarding HA Fillers and one of the groundbreaking COVID-19 Vaccines by Moderna.

Jan 13th, 2021

We've spent the better part of a year putting together our Membership Program for Established Patients here at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology. We're certain you're going to love these c-r-a-z-y perks. All you have to do it opt-in. LET'S DO THIS.

Nov 13th, 2020
Are you seeing a Double Chin in 2020? We got you.

Stubborn double chin fat is a nuisance, to say the least. It's hereditary and can stick around even with a thorough diet and exercise regimen. Here at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology, Dr. Cheryl Karcher has got the fix.

Nov 9th, 2020

We're putting forth financial commitments to Black Lives Matter, Black Visions Collective, and the Human Rights Campaign. Join us as we match every single donation to raise $50k for these important organizations NOW.

Jun 4th, 2020
Update on COVID-19

How the Center Team is taking care of our patients, our practice, and our team for your health and safety during this time.

Mar 15th, 2020
An "All-Natural" New Year

What will be the new trend for skincare in 2020? We think it is a resurgence of all natural products.

Jan 16th, 2020
Skin Resurfacing: Which Treatment Is Right For You?

Are you both intrigued and confused by the mention of lasers? Not sure which treatment is the best for you? Here is everything you need to know about Fraxel, Clear + Brilliant, and Microneedling + PRP!

Oct 14th, 2019
Why Skin Care Matters

Board Certified PA-C Lauren Mitschrich gives us the 411 on why fighting aging with a killer skin care routine is one of the best things you can do for your body ... and an amazing form of self care!

Oct 7th, 2019
FYI: Sunscreen is Not Just for Summer

Just because Labor Day has come and gone, doesn't mean you're off the hook with your Sunscreen! Center Aesthetic & Dermatology is still dedicated to your skin protection, YEAR ROUND. Lauren Mitschrich, our Board Certified Dermatology, PA is here to help.

Sep 11th, 2019
SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Now...we Sculpt.

Center Aesthetic & Dermatology is opening its doors Wednesday, May 8 from 6:00-8:30pm for a Springtime Celebration for Body Sculpting & so much more.....

Apr 29th, 2019
Secrets to my Summer Glow

It is finally summer time; time for outdoor adventures, roof top cocktails, and the perfect dewy glow. Here are my top 5 secrets to flawless summer skin!

Jul 23rd, 2019

We're in the final days of our Coolsculpting™ & EMSculpt™ Winter Promo. The beach is calling. Let's get you ready, babe.

Mar 7th, 2019

Center Aesthetic & Dermatology is hosting our first event of the season on Wednesday, November 14 from 6:30-8:30pm. We're featuring EMSCULPT®, Coolsculpting®, and SculpSure® as part of our promotion to help you get in the best shape, like, ever.

Nov 13th, 2018