Are you seeing a Double Chin in 2020? We got you.

I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal titled: "Brazilians Turn to Botox to Wipe Away that Quarantine Frown - Demand for beauty treatment soars for men and women alike during pandemic, as videoconferences  and masks highlight wrinkles" And all I kept thinking was, is this really news? In our industry, Botox is the treatment that introduces a patient to aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. We’ve been doing Botox for online meetings for quite awhile, and yes the masks definitely *highlight* that area, but we are also seeing a wave of patients coming in to treat the lower face (double chin area) as that is also highlighed on these Zoom Calls. When we turn our heads or look down into the camera, we notice it. And we understand that feeling self-conscious is not the easiest feeling to process - it can feel frivolous in challenging times - but that doesn't mean you have to live with it. I've been treating patients to my quick, minimally invasive Double Chin Lipo procedure here at Center for years, and our results are stunning. If you're dealing with that pesky double chin - get in here and get rid of it.
Chin Lipo is the gold standard to take away the double chin or the excess fat under the chin and around the neck. It’s an in office procedure that just takes a couple of hours. And results can be seen Immediately, although final results take up to six months. Only local anesthetic is used, no general anesthesia. The anesthetic has lidocaine in it to numb up the area and epinephrine to constrict the blood vessels so there’s very little bleeding. The fat is literally suctioned out with a blunt tip cannula for minimal discomfort. Then a chinstrap is attached and you can literally walk out the door, minus that double chin.
There’s a little bit of recovery time, but you can go shopping or do your daily errands right away. The little bit of swelling goes down usually within a week or two. It's totally normal and can be expected. Bruising is also normal, but some patients heal with no bruising issues at all.  The best part about Double Chin Lipo recovery is that you can wear a beautiful scarf and no one would ever know you're healing! 
So yes, this can make you look better on those constant Zoom Calls, but more importantly, it's about you and your self confidence. It's about finding that  inner light. Treatments like my Double Chin Lipo Procedure can help enhance your self confidence, your quality of life, increase your energy, productivity and overall happiness. I encourage you to come visit me in Union Square, at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology, for a consultation. 
- Dr. Cheryl Karcher, Board Certified Dermatologist


Dr. Cheryl Karcher Dr. Cheryl Karcher Dr. Cheryl Karcher is our Board Certified Dermatologist here at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology. She also specializes in Nutrition and Surgical Dermatology specialities like Chin Liposuction for Jawline Contouring and Nanofat Hair Restoration. She's one of the warmest and most welcoming Doctors you'll ever meet and she looks forward to meeting all patients here at Center.

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