The Botox Bar has officially ended until Summer 2019! 

We'll be updating the site shortly with a new Botox Promo to keep you feeling fresh and looking your best :)


This past summer, we were thrilled to share 20% Botox Discounts & Fresh Pressed Juices with our gorgeous patients as part of our Summer Botox Bar special. Due to popular demand, Dr. Cheryl Karcher will be honoring this promo into the Fall and Winter season! 

Call us for a Monday or Wednesday appointment (between 12pm and 2pm) and we'll get you in-&-out to keep your workday on track. We're serving up Espresso (or lattes, whatever your preference!) and you'll receive 20% off your Botox Cosmetic Treatment here in Union Square. 

If you're due for your quarterly treatment, now is the time to call and schedule! Let Kelly know you're calling for Dr. K's Botox Bar special and we'll get you on the books. 

There's limited space on each day but we encourage bringing a colleague or friend, as we have wonderful referall programs for our patients. 

Call us at 212-433-3344. We look forward to seeing you at The Botox Bar!


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