Birthday Prep at Center

There are a several times a year when we are EXTRA conscious of our appearance. The holiday season, beach days, weddings, and OUR BIRTHDAY (to name a few). 

And while we don't always love the idea of ageing, our team at Center can ease the anxiety that comes with another go-round the sun on your Birthday. 

Dr. Karcher, Nurse Lynn, PA, Lauren Mitschrich, and Aestheticians Jane MacKinnon and Sofie Pavitt are your dream team for getting your skin and body ready for the next year in store. If you've haven't visited us yet, we're located centrally in Union Square, New York City. All patients are offered one of two Birthday Gifts to redeem 30 days prior to their Birthday to get them ready and feeling their best for the big day. 

  1. Use $50 towards any treatment you've already received 
  2. Use $100 towards any treatment you've never tried

Services we include for Birthday gifts: 

*The only exclusions from Birthday coupons are HydraFacials and our Skincare Products sold in the practice.* 

If you didn't receive a birthday email please let us know by emailing! We love you and can't wait to celebrate with you. 


Alexandra & The Team @ Center 


Alexandra Milner Alexandra is the Marketing Director and Chief of Staff at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology. She's focused on creating the ideal patient journey and experience for every person that walks through our doors, as well as key content for our followers, patients, and readers. As the practice grows, so does Alexandra's passion for all things aesthetics and wellness. She's also a big fan of tiny chihuahuas, but that's another blog for another time :)

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