A Rewards Program with No Fees. Only Perks. 

- Available Now for All of Center's Established Patients - 

Click the Blue Chat Button on this page to get your OPT IN Form

If you've been to Center Aesthetic & Dermatology in Union Square NYC recently, you may have heard us talk about our Center Membership program and sent you an opt-in form to sign. We probably mentioned all the incredible perks you receive as a Center Member and how easy it is to join for $0. But if you haven't been here recently to hear all about this, that's ok. We forgive you ;) 

If you're a person (such as moi) that wants/needs/has to have Botox every few months and get my fix for a Fraxel every 6 months and then some annual Filler to help me with those under eye circles, you most definitely need to get into this Membership Program. 

We built it out for our incredible patient base that has been inherently loyal, kind, patient, and trusting. It’s chock full out Point Programs, Skin Care Deals, Birthday Gifts for you, and so much more. All you have to do is sign the opt-in form, which we’ll send to you through KLARA®, our HIPAA Compliant Chat Service, that comes through like a text to your mobile phone. Easy as pie, but better than pie. Because it’s Botox and Restylane and Voluma and EMSculpt and….well… you get the idea.

Join us for a complimentary consultation Dr. Cheryl Karcher or Nurse Lynn to go over your treatment plan, they’re our master injectors with 20+ year combined experience. All of our providers are here to welcome you to the Center Membership with open arms and big gorgeous smiles because we are so excited so share this with all of you (!!!). Chat with our team directly from the site by clicking the little blue button in the bottom right corner here, or give us a ring at 212-433-3344. 

See you soon.


P.S. You can tap that blue chat button on this screen to talk to our team M-F and opt in for membership quickly and gain immediate access to perks! 

Alexandra Milner Alexandra is the Marketing Director and Chief of Staff at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology. She's focused on creating the ideal patient journey and experience for every person that walks through our doors, as well as key content for our followers, patients, and readers. As the practice grows, so does Alexandra's passion for all things aesthetics and wellness. She's also a big fan of tiny chihuahuas, but that's another blog for another time :)

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