Introducing Daxxify, a New Neuromodulator Approved by the FDA


We love seeing you at the Center but we get it, time for self-care is hard to find in New York. Are you obsessed with having smooth, taut skin, but annoyed with how quickly your movement and wrinkles start to come back when your Botox or Dysport (AKA neuromodulator) starts to wear off? We want ours to last longer too!

A new FDA-approved neuromodulator called Daxxify (AKA Daxxi) has been formulated to relax wrinkles in the upper face and provide longer-lasting results.

Recent studies have shown results from Daxxi to have an average duration of 5.5 - 6 months, and for some, up to 9 months! (Versus the 3-6 month average duration of other neuromodulators) What’s even better is that the onset of Daxxi is very quick; most patients see results in one to two days. This means this neuromodulator takes effect faster AND lasts longer. That’s money.

What makes Daxxi so unique and long-lasting? Most neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Juveau, Xeomin) require an ingredient to keep botulotoxin stable, such as cow milk protein or human serum albumin. Daxxi created a proprietary synthetic peptide, without animal or human byproducts, to keep it stable for longer. So, for all the vegans out there, don’t worry, Daxxi will keep you animal product-free!

How do you know whether you’re ready to make the leap to Daxxify? If you’ve been happy with your past neuromodulator results, but want those results to last longer, with fewer treatments per year to maintain your skin, then you will likely love Daxxi. The process is virtually the same! The amount of units required varies depending on the type of neuromodulator, the patient’s desired outcome, and muscle movement. The cost is slightly higher than the neuromodulators that typically last 3-4 months but that makes sense because you’re getting almost twice the duration!

Here at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology, we truly believe in customizing individual treatment plans, as a patient’s aesthetic needs are not a “one size fits all”. To determine your personalized dose of any of our neuromodulators, please schedule a consultation with one of our expert injectors: Dr. Cheryl Karcher, Nurse Lynn Wojton, or Board Certified PA Ali Sheets. Looking forward to helping your skin find its balance at the Center.

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