SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Now...we Sculpt.

Is Manhattan an island? YES. Are we always catching island vibes year round? NOT QUITE. So that leaves us to planning and counting down the days until we are on a plane to warmer weather, white sand beaches, and one (or 3) piña coladas. As you gear up to make those Spring/Summer Vacation plans a reality, we're here to help your body get prepped for days in the sun. 

To do so, Center Aesthetic & Dermatology is opening the practice the evening of Wednesday May 8, 2019, for a body-sculpting extravaganza featuring exclusive event-only deals on Coolsculpting and so much more. We're in the heart of downtown in Union Square, so grab a friend or coworker and hop on one of the 500 trains that brings you to our doorstep. We cannot wait to have you for a truly special night to celebrate the end of Winter (f.i.n.a.l.l.y). Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and event giveaways await! 

Please RSVP to kelsey@centeraesthetic.com

We cannot wait to see you! 

- Alex 


Alexandra Milner Alexandra is the Marketing Director and Chief of Staff at Center Aesthetic & Dermatology. She's focused on creating the ideal patient journey and experience for every person that walks through our doors, as well as key content for our followers, patients, and readers. As the practice grows, so does Alexandra's passion for all things aesthetics and wellness. She's also a big fan of tiny chihuahuas, but that's another blog for another time :)

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