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Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Cheryl Karcher, delivers you the most advanced technology in the field of hair restoration. Nanofat Transfer Hair Restoration is an innovative procedure that can encourage the growth of natural hair using your body’s own stem cells. Unlike other hair treatments that rely on relocating hair follicles, Nanofat Transfer Hair Restoration is designed to restore the growth of natural hair follicles found on your scalp to achieve long-lasting results. Our Dermatology practice, located in Union Square, New York City, is proud to offer this to our patients with thinning hair or hair loss concerns.

Nanofat Hair Restoration Q & A

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What is Nanofat Hair Restoration?

Your body’s stem cells are responsible for healing and repairing tissues. These stem cells are essential building blocks that can transform themselves into any type of cell. The layer of fat below the skin is home to countless mesenchymal stem cells. Thanks to revolutionary technology, these mesenchymal stem cells can be harvested in order to take advantage of their regenerative properties. When introduced into areas of thinning hair, your stem cells can help regenerate hair follicles to restore proper hair growth.

In hair restoration, Nanofat is combined with PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) and injected into the scalp. The application of Nanofat plus PRP causes miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust hair growth. Nanofat increases the proliferation rate of human follicular cells and PRP is loaded with growth factors that promote rapid angiogenesis and localized cell growth. Basically adding stem cells with Nanofat, and fertilizing them with growth factors from PRP.

How does Nanofat Hair Restoration work?

Nanofat Transfer Hair Restoration can regrow hair through a combination of stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma treatment. The layer of fat just below your skin (known as adipose tissue) has an abundant amount of available stem cells, known as ADSC’s (adipose derived stem cells). During Nanofat Transfer Hair Restoration, small amounts of excess fat are extracted from the body using liposuction. Small cannulas are inserted beneath the skin through a tiny incision and stem cell-rich fat is harvested. These stem cells are concentrated  through a series of filters to purify the sample. Your purified stem cells are then transferred to your scalp. Platelet rich plasma found in your blood is then injected to fertilize the stem cells.. This mixture of nanofat stem cells and PRP is injected into the scalp and begins interacting with your existing hair follicles,

The Science Behind It:

Adipose-derived stem cell-conditioned medium (ADSC-CM) is rich in growth factors such as vascular endothelial growth factor, hepatocyte growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor,  and insulin-like growth factor. Vascular endothelial growth factor controls hair growth and follicle size through angiogenesis. Hepatocyte growth factor is involved in the cyclic growth of hair follicles. Platelet-derived growth factor induces and maintains the anagen phase of hair follicles. Insulin-like growth factor controls the hair growth cycle and differentiation of hair shafts. In treatment with adipose-derived stem cell-conditioned medium, each growth factor seems likely to activate hair follicles and contribute to increasing the number of hairs in patients with alopecia.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) has been shown to have numerous growth factors. PRP therapy involves collecting the candidate’s blood and spinning it down into a concentrate of plasma that has a high platelet concentration. This is then injected back into the candidate’s scalp. Studies have reported enhanced growth after hair transplant surgery and increased hair counts when used in male and female pattern hair loss.

What happens during Nanofat Hair Restoration?

A local anesthetic is administered to reduce any discomfort in preparation for the liposuction portion of your procedure. Excess fat is carefully harvested from a donor area (typically the abdomen or thighs) using a tiny cannula. Once your fat is collected, it is spun through a centrifuge.

A local anesthetic is then administered into the scalp in preparation for your hair restoration treatment. The mixture of nanofat is injected into the scalp, followed by an injection of PRP. The combination then begin interacting with your existing hair follicles to encourage hair growth. Nanofat Transfer Hair Restorationtypically takes 1-2 hours to complete.

During the procedure, we remove approximately 15 -20 cc of fat, liposuctioned from the abdomen area in a minimally invasive technique, that fat is then liquefied and mixed with 15-16cc of super concentrated PRP.

What happens after the procedure and how Long is The Downtime?

Nanofat Transfer Hair Restoration patients may have slight swelling, redness and irritation around the donor (abdomen) area, as well as the scalp. These side effects should dissipate within a few days. Patients can typically resume their daily activities the next day.

How Fast Will I See Results from Nanofat Hair Restoration?

You can expect to see results within 4 - 6 months of undergoing treatment. Follow-up appointments are recommended in the months following your treatment to monitor the growth of your hair.

How Many Sessions of Nanofat Hair Restoration do I Need?

One session is normally enough depending on the severity of hair loss.

What About Maintaining my Results with Nanofat Hair Restoration?

We recommend using Nutrafol as a supplement during and after your treatment to enhance your results.

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Nanofat Hair Restoration?

Both men and women can undergo NFTHR to improve hair thickness and density.

NFTHR is ideal for patients who have some hair present on the scalp; patients who are completely bald may not be ideal candidates for this procedure.

Nanofat Transfer Hair Restoration can:

  • Regenerate your natural hair follicles
  • Add density to areas of thinning hair
  • Address male and female pattern baldness
  • Add natural-looking fullness to your hairline
  • Achieve long-lasting hair restoration results

How Much Does Nanofat Hair Restoration Cost?

Depending on the severity of hair loss it can run between $5,000 to $8,000 for one treatment.