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Urinary incontinence is a common health problem that affects many people and significantly impacts their quality of life. After childbirth or menopause, pelvic floor muscles weaken causing some women to leak urine when they cough, sneeze or exercise. It’s time to regain your confidence! Center Aesthetic & Dermatology is thrilled to offer Emsella - a pain-free, no downtime innovative solution to treat the symptoms of incontinence.

What is Emsella?

Emsella is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence that utilizes HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to stimulate weakened pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles give you control over your bladder and bowel. More than 10,000 contractions (similar to kegel exercises) are stimulated in a single 30 minute treatment. These contractions re-educate the weakened muscles of incontinent patients.

What happens during an Emsella Treatment?

During your treatment, you will sit, fully clothed, on the Emsella chair with your feet flat on the floor and shoulder width apart. When the treatment starts, you will feel slight tingling and vibrations in your pelvic floor muscles. The treatment is easy, painless and lasts about 30 minutes..

Does Emsella Hurt?

The Emsella treatment is comfortable and tolerable. If at any time the contractions feel too intense, let your provider know and they will adjust accordingly to keep you comfortable.

How Long is The Downtime?

Emsella is a noninvasive treatment so there is no downtime. You may resume daily activities immediately after Emsella treatment.

How Fast Will I See Results from Emsella?

Some patients feel improvement after a single session. Most patients achieve optimal results after the recommended 6 sessions, scheduled twice a week. However, some patients require more treatments depending on their desired outcome.

Is Emsella Safe?

Yes, the Emsella chair is FDA approved for urinary incontinence.

How Much Does Emsella Cost?

Center Aesthetic & Dermatology is offering competitive Emsella package pricing. Please contact us today to learn more. We pride ourselves on a no-pressure environment. Should you choose to receive same-day treatment as your consultation, we are happy to oblige if the device is not already in use by another patient. We’re here for you whenever you’re ready.

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